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June 4, 5 & 6 / 2015
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Social cohesion days: the first large international event dedicated to social cohesion.

Workshops, seminars and debates will outline policies and actions for the promotion of a new model of sustainable development.

Events calendar

Full Schedule

Topics of the Days

  • Employment Employment
  • Pensions Pensions
  • Health Care Health Care
  • Family Family
  • Social Assistance Social Assistance
  • Education Education
  • Culture Culture
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Docutour /

Social Cohesion Tour is a journey. At the helm of a Fiat Cinquecento two chefs travel across Italy to meet people who “changed things” with their passion and courage.

Stage 1 / SUCCISO. Cooperate to change: a community challenge

Stefano and Ali: two chefs traveling to Italy to discover social cohesion. A story which begins with people and ends… in the kitchen.


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Unimore & Social Cohesion Days 2018

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The Social Cohesion Notice Board

Have you got a story, a research or an idea related to social cohesion issues? Post it on our notice board and participate into the discussion in order to exchange views and confront yourself with other users. Let’s make a more cohesive society together.

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Social Wall /

Content filtering based on the social network you prefer.

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