Social Cohesion Days
II edition

26 - 27 - 28 May, 2016
Reggio Emilia

Italian pensions at the equity critical juncture

10 Giugno, at 12:30
Centro Einaudi, via Ponza 4/E Torino


Traditionally held up for its financial unsustainability, cross-profession iniquities and its often perverse redistributive effects, the Italian pension system, after two decades of reform, is now generally appreciated – in both the domestic public speech and European/international forums – as a financially sustainable and actuarially fair model.
However, it still faces several challenges for policymakers with respect to the adequacy of benefits and substantive fairness. The conference, organized by the Laboratorio Welfare (WeL) of LPF, aims to promote a reflection on the Italian pension system twenty years after the great reforms of the ’90s – that redesigned the pension system architecture by redefining its operating logic system – and after the critical juncture represented by the reforms adopted during the “Euro crisis”.

Chair:  Matteo Jessoula, Università degli Studi di Milano e LPF-WeL

Giuseppe Russo, Director Centro Einaudi
Fabrizio Patriarca, Università di Roma-La Sapienza
Elsa Fornero, Università di Torino e CERP
Roberto Leombruni, Università di Torino
Igor Guardiancich, University of Southern Denmark

Conclusions: Michele Raitano, Università di Roma-La Sapienza


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