Social Cohesion Days
II edition

26 - 27 - 28 May, 2016
Reggio Emilia

Second generations to whom? Citizenship, integration and youth participation policies (*)

27 May, at 17:30
Cavallerizza Theatre

Second generations to whom? Citizenship, integration and youth participation policies

The data and research show that the feeling of exclusion and discrimination is common among young second-generation residents in EU countries. With this label, which is often unbearable for them, we mean to refer to young people born in the country where their parents emigrated. They haven’t actually experienced the migration and for them the country they live in is their country in every way. The feeling of exclusion is real even where these young people are citizens in all respects, as in France, Belgium and Holland, pointing out that the formal grant of citizenship is not a sufficient guarantee of integration, although being certainly one of the most important requirements. In Italy, the issue of citizenship is particularly hot and it was discussed on several occasions without reaching a still point and without the automatic granting of a national title to those born on Italian soil. The main issues planned to be discussed in this session concern the educational integration of young second generations – with special attention to the school-family link – to school dropouts and the high concentration of foreign young people in vocational schools. Crucial points are also the possibility of social mobility of these latter compared to their parents’ chances, the relationship with the labor market, as well as their participation in the social and political life of their country. All elements which are fundamental to bridge the ethnic gap they suffer from.

Screening of the documentary “Social Cohesion Tour 2016”


Francesca Campomori, OCIS and Università Cà Foscari di Venezia


– Serena Foracchia, Councillor for International Relations, Reggio Emilia Municipality
– Randa Ghazy, journalist and writer
Filippo Miraglia, Vice President and former director of Migration dept., ARCI
Roberta Ricucci, Università degli Studi di Torino

Facilitator: Gad Lerner

(*) The event is valid for school credits of the Order of Social Workers. For the recognition of credits you need to register at the info point.

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