Social Cohesion Days
II edition

26 - 27 - 28 May, 2016
Reggio Emilia



The new welfare for the new poverty

The past few years have forced Italian society to deal with new forms of poverty, new hardships and therefore new demands of social intervention that existing structures couldn’t always support. “#BeyondPerimeters” is the project enabled by the special company Sercop of Rho that wants to get over traditional boundaries of social intervention – reaching those who are unable to ask for help due to sudden economic change – and propose specific solutions to these problems. After having identified some of the main strands, “Beyond perimeters” proposed a targeted project, built through research and the convergence of different partners. Through the identification of housing solutions with controlled rents, customized consulting solutions for the management of asset, family life and work, simplifying and directing the expansion of personal resources.

“Even meeting places needs to be reconsidered – says Oliviero Matta, head of the project – that’s why #opcafè are born as passageways, also for socializing and meeting and to answer some issues. The project, started in May 2015 and still in a consolidation phase, has already showed positive results, especially in terms of community consolidation over a sense of unity. We expect to develop a user base too, which can respond to home, family and work needs. The objective is to work on a welfare model that might be public and generative, cultivating resources to connect and nourish positive dynamics”.

The collaboration is bound among banking foundations, cooperatives and nine districts of Milan hinterland, through a constant fundraising and Sercop coordination, the special company of Roh Municipalities.

Watch the video.


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