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Civico Sociale, the restaurant of lawfulness

Civico Sociale, the restaurant of lawfulness

Eating well and good

It has been reviewed on Tripadvisor as “Civico Sociale, the restaurant of legality”. This restaurant in Cassino (FR), and its good dishes, seems to be really enjoyable. There are many other reasons to appreciate this restaurant, though.

Civico Sociale is indeed a business project, but also a laboratory of social projects looking, in all its aspects, to find the ethical way between affordability and impact on the community.

Their virtuousity starts with the staff, which supports the local welfare by employing disadvantaged individuals, thus making the dignity of work the starting point of a genuine process of social redemption. In the kitchen there are Simone and Alessandro. They grew up in family home and attended the Hospitality Institute. Finding a job wasn’t easy, almost impossible. Prejudices, fears. Then the social cooperative bet on them, and the result is this: a 50-seat restaurant, open at lunch and dinner, that from 2014 combines ethics and taste.

To make a long story short, the secret of their kitchen is that it’s good. Good hands kneading, good raw material, zero-mileage products coming from the territories confiscated to organized crime (Libera and NCO) and organic too.

If it’s important to know what you have in your dish, here there are high guarantees, because in addition to kitchen delicacies they support a virtuous project that, from people to products, endorsing an ethical path of labor exploitation, legality and environmental sustainability – all with a single dish!

Civico Sociale is a project of the Social Cooperative “I Naviganti”, a group of operators who for several years have been designing and conducting new ways of social intervention, which respond effectively to community needs, new ways of involvement and enhancement in particular disabled, drug addicts and minors.

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