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Multicultural paths of psycho-physical well-being for traveling families

Women are often the pillar of the community, from whose strength depends the family well-being and organization. The cooperative “Crinali” was created to protect this heritage. Operating in Milan since 2002, it associates 28 women from 11 different countries with different specificities and professionalism, who work together to provide people of different cultures and origins paths of psychological and physical well-being, claiming the right to health and the development of their potential – with particular attention to women’s lives and migrant families, while respecting cultural and gender differences.

In partnership with public and private entities in Milan area, the cooperative Crinali strives to offer support migrants their physical and psychological problems, basically related to inclusion and integration issues.

The cultural mediation activity starts from linguistic translation, especially to become a network of social confrontation and support, and to simplify the access to other supportive services which take care of the psycho-physical well-being for them and their families.

The cross-cultural mediation is the next step offered to those families and individuals who need help to deal with the important – and often painful – step of migration, choosing to grow in a different society from their homeland. This service offers psychotherapy and counseling -individual or for the entire family – diagnostic paths, as well as supervision and interview that are useful stages to help the inclusion of family nuclei and to better understand how to handle discomfort and relational difficulties, which come along with these life events. This support is also offered for health courses, offering access to a medical service for women, children and young people through cultural mediation that enable a mediated and gentle approach to physical health – as well as mental and emotional – to migrants who access the various offices.

The Cooperative is also in charge of workshops on different aspects, from working with migrants to school activities counseling.


Crinali Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Corso di Porta Nuova 32, 20121 Milano, Italia
Codice Fiscale \ P.Iva 03457030967
T +39 02 62 69 09 32 \ F +39 02 45 47 59 19


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