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Mammut Cultural Centre

Mammut Cultural Centre

From pedagogy, the educational experience growing by leaps and bounds

‘O Mammut is a strange and large porch with six columns in Piazza Giovanni Paolo II in Scampia, Naples. In 2007, from the experience of the Territorial Centre in Scampia together with Compare (social promotion association) the research center come to life. It’s a difficult territorial context, everybody knows that. But over the years, Mammut sought a new way of creating specific forms of sociability for all ages, combining educational research, zoning, theater and visual arts: from children’s workshops to educational support for teenagers, from the guidance center to the homeopathic medicine clinic, from the Ciclofficina to the Italian school for immigrants, always extending their knowledge and involving organizations of different regions, therefore leading to some editorial publications.

Mammut is also a training school which feeds social experimentation at school with ideas and stimuli, providing theoretical and practical tools. The social context of the city of Naples allowed to work on projects aimed to the involvement of migrants and rom, foreigners and Italians, in a very multicultural context, and hence highly stimulating as well as complicated.

The power of the pedagogical approach and the fierce desire to cultivate social relations, in a new and lasting way, has allowed the consolidation of an experience made up of people, but also of places. Streets and squares went back to the community.

Centro Territoriale Mammut -Piazza Giovanni Paolo II, 3/6, Napoli
www.mammutnapoli.org – 
aps.compare@gmail.com – Pagina Facebook

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