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P’orto di Lampedusa (Lampedusa’s harbor-garden)

P’orto di Lampedusa (Lampedusa’s harbor-garden)

A new point of view. From the bottom.

The garden as symbol of the community: that’s how in Lampedusa people create places of research, experimentation and aggregation through the unifying factor of the land and its vital productivity. The creation of a community garden, whose lots are intended for islanders and of the Day Center of Lampedusa’s guests (people with physical and psycho-intellectual disability), will soon be repeated with the creation of a second one, which will be built during the 2016 volunteering summer camp organized by Terra! Onlus.

“The image of the island – explains Silvia Cama, coordinator of the project – is too often linked to dramatic events, while the project of the gardens in Lampedusa intends to give back a positive and vital picture of this land, both externally and internally”.

The garden is therefore a path for individuals and communities to become aware, not only a way for environmental and landscaping regeneration. In partnership with the University and Legambiente, the association chose to select local seeds originating on the island, to activate low water impact crops, to construct two geodesic domes for the reception area and the “semenzario” (seeds nursery), thus creating a sustainable project in many ways: environmentally, economically and even aesthetically, as they are placed in the archaeological areas (in accordance with the local Authority). The project, started with Alleance Foundation’s funding, allowed the growth of a small local economy. A person, funded full-time, will follow the project on-site for two years. Thanks to the work of day care center guests, a collection door-to-door of organic waste from greengrocers is now active, in order to feed the garden compost. Personal and food self-sufficiency, dignity, environment, relationships are therefore the key words of this project which starts from the land to create a new vision.

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