24 - 25 - 26 May, 2018 - Reggio Emilia.

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SCD 2016 – The Blanket

Social Cohesion Days 2016 / The Politics of Happiness

During the first months of life, a newborn child does not perceive anything but himself. Then, as time goes by, he has to accept that everything around him, the world, exists independently of his will. Donald Winnicott, a psychoanalyst, spotted some objects that come along with us on this trip, and he called them “transitional objects”. I think back to my transitional object: it was a blanket. The blanket protects us, warms us, it hides. And if you hide, it makes us disappear. And we do not exist anymore. I want to think that the blanket is a transitional object that was never abandoned by all the poor people of Italy. It’s the desire of a man, a woman, a refugee, a fired, a divorcee who do not want to abandon the idea of ​​a world shaped by their needs. Behind those blankets I want to see so many cloaks: superheroes who fight evil, that remind us of what is evil. Then I close my eyes, hoping to wake up newborn, wearing my blanket and a great desire to change the world. A world where work enhances men rather than men being enhanced for the work they do. A world where everyone has a right to a minimum income for citizenship, because we all want to live ... out of that blanket. 

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SCD 2016 – Twelfth man on the field

Social Cohesion Days 2016 / The politics of happiness

The relationship that a football fan tightens with the colors of his team is extraordinary. Maybe that’s why fans are called “twelfth man on the field”. The hole Sunday, Saturday or weekdays are sacrificed for football. They say that choirs help players to be concentrated, to find the rhythm of the game, to get excited. I love football. And every Monday evening I punch in at 8:00 and go straight to the pitch. But I always get there late. Ready-made teams and thousands of excuses. And in the end I always watch matches from the bench. Especially for someone like me, a second goalkeeper. The Twelve. But I never give up. I root for, I cheer up, I bring water bottles, I rejoice, I despair. I wait for the time to go in. I’m trained, I know the rules and I want to play. But, you know, holders don’t like to get on the bench. So I keep training. Intervals, dribbles and kicks off. I live like this, with the hope that someone will give me a chance. If they could only give me the chance to show what I can give to the team ... but in the end, on the field, it’s always the same eleven to go in. They tell us “you’re not ready yet, but keep cheering, because you for us you are the twelfth man on the field. After all, it’s like if you played.” But I do not feel like a twelve, not even an extra or a second generation. I don’t have a second family, a second religion, a second identity, neither secondary values. I have a life, one, and I want to use it for the benefit of the team. To go in and to start parrying prejudices and inequalities. Our future depends on this. Not only on the eleven on the field, but the whole team.

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SCD 2016 – Women and children first

Social Cohesion Days 2016 / The politics of happiness

I was distractedly watching the movie on Titanic, when I heard saying “women and children first”. I had never thought about that phrase, but this time I searched on the internet and I found out that it was said for the first time the 26 February, 1852 by the commander of the troopship Birkenhead. The 480 soldiers left the lifeboats to women and children, the only ones who were save in the end. They represented life, hope. It's a gesture of chivalry from the old days, a practice which should always be applied. Not only on the high seas. But if there is not a leader capable of enforcing the rules, the risk of abuse gets tangible, real. And if not even a lifeboat is being provided, not even a life jacket, then there’s no escape. In this storm, there is no longer any distinction between men, women, children: we are left alone, forced to drown sooner or later. I think about my life, my family, my everyday life.

Reconciliation policies should provide the possibility to desire a future for our children; they should enable us to heal them, to give them perspectives. Children first, indeed. Whether you are man, a woman or a child, it is difficult to match a life project with a working one. The conflict between our jobs and our family lives forces us to swap our time with our relations, and therefore our happiness. I will be happy only when the captain of my ship will not be forced to scream “women and children first”, but when everyone, without distinction, will be able to get safe. Without any order.

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SCD 2016 – spot

Social Cohesion Days 2016 / The politics of happiness

The Social Cohesion Days are back: dialogues, lectures and performances on Social Cohesion. From May 26 to 28 in Reggio Emilia we talk about happiness. Because a cohesive society is a happy society.

Interview with Matteo Jessoula

June 4, 2015

Interview from the Social Cohesion Days 2015.

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