24 - 25 - 26 May, 2018 - Reggio Emilia.

Social Cohesion Storytelling: a map of sustainable and “cohesive” projects

26 May, at 10:00
Cavallerizza Theatre

Every day hundreds of people work at the “production” of social cohesion through the engagement with migrants, the elderly, children, families. What numbers and statistics do not tell are stories, everyday gestures, minimal choices that build relationships, deal with problems and develop solutions. The Social Cohesion Days are also a showcase of stories of which several have been collected:  from North to South Italy, from the large cooperative reality to the small association of volunteers, from those who look at traditions and those who invest on innovation. We will reason on those aspects starting from the stories to find connections and investigate the complex fabric of the Italian social cohesion.


– Silvia CamaTerra!Onlus, Manager of “P’orto di Lampedusa” Project
– Flaviano Zandonai
, IRIS Network 
Gino Mazzoli, Coordinator of Spazio Comune project
Luigi Moraschi,
Community relations officer, CAUTO
Oliviero Motta,
Manager of “Oltre i Perimetri” Project
Germana Corradini,
Director of Welfare Dept., Reggio Emilia Municipality
Fabiana Musicco,
Co-Founder of “Refugees Welcome” Italy
In collaboration with AltrEconomia

Facilitator: Pietro Raitano

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