24 - 25 - 26 May, 2018 - Reggio Emilia.

New perspectives: Happiness is not individual

24 May, at 10:15
Cavallerizza Theatre

Happiness is a social issue, more than a psychological one.  This is the starting point of an emerging field of political economics known as ‘Happiness Economics’, according to which, at the foundation of happiness are objective conditions with economic, political and social aspects. The happiest populations are not those where one can achieve merely economic wealth, but those that can rely on a welfare system that guarantees social justice, social inclusion, access to health services and dignity. 

 Are we ready to review the production model that places GDP at the centre of growth, to move towards a model that revolves around human development, in line with the teachings of Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum?  How can we examine public policies from a perspective that sees reforms aimed at supporting the weaker groups of the population, the integration of immigrants, and the development of services as essential in restoring a more cohesive society and thus, a happier society?

 Benjamin Radcliff, American political scientist and one of the most renowned voices in the field of Happiness Economics, together with the academic Alexander Pacek, whose research focuses on the connection between life satisfaction and politics, will speak about how social policy contributes to the creation of relations able to guarantee wellbeing in society, allowing citizens to have a dignified and responsible life plan.


Benjamin Radcliff and Alexander Pacek  “The politics of happiness”.


Ferruccio De Bortoli 


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